The submissives confidence

I state that my submissive makes me the Dominant man I am, and she also holds some of the keys that makes me whole as a man and Dominant.
Out of many reponsibilities I have as a Dominant on of them is to make her shine.
If you see a BDSM relationship with the understanding from a Vanilla lifestyle, BDSM might apear “Dangerous” and for Dominant to “use” women.
I will state that this is 100 % wrong.
Yes, unfortunately there is some “dominants” that play by these rules and “use” their power as Domiant, but they got it all wrong and this is not BDSM.
Unless you understand the nature of a D/s relationship, you would think that degradation and abuse is the purpose of the relationship when looking from the outside. But the path to develop the sensual submissive desires within a woman is to build her self-confidence and make her feel beautiful, sexy, cherished and deeply desired and this is what vanilla people or fake “dominants” don`t understand and I state they never will  without experiencing it for themselves.
A BDSM relationship is a complex and deep form of relationship , the foundation of the BDSM realationship is a lot of dynamics that is core in this form for realationship. For now let’s forget that about the Dominant with the whip/paddle/hand/belt involved in this relationship and Focus  on her and some of her sexual needs & some of her desires.

Building Up Her Confidence Creates A Sexy submissive

How to make a woman how to feel even more sexy and more able to express her sexual desires.
I state that the foundation is her self-confidence. Confidence is the essence of sexy. It is the energy we feel that draws people to us. Regardless of the nature of her sexual desires, to make any woman feel more sexier, you must build up her self-confidence. That is the key to understanding how to nurture a beautiful woman, to build her confidence from beeing a woman to be a sexy woman and submissive. She is always offcourse a woman at the core, but there is a big difference, a submissive with confidence as a submissive is breathtaking for me as a Dominant.

In her journey through life, her former partners, friends and family have a way of permanently scarring us with their words and actions.This is true if it`s postive remarks or negative, but especially negativ words and actions might unfortunately stick even harder. These words or actions might permanently alter our self-perception – her looks, her sex appeal, her body, her weight, her sexual ability. These emotional scars are within her (most likely) the common thing of all I mentioned is that over time will kill all self-confidence in her.
Part of being a  Dominant is being able to recognize and remove the psychological obstacles in the way of a woman feeling highly self-confident, highly sexual and highly desired as a submissive.
I as a Dominant state that this is core of freeing my submissive from what she might have as some of her expirience.
A strong and confident submissive is like fuel to the flame for me as a Dominant and
I can guarantee by building her confidence as a woman and a submissive, will overtime help us both in building the dynamic in our relationship.

Let me give you one of many examples on changing the self-perception of a submissive woman.
let`s say I will give her a task , the task is to shop for a some sexy stockings In the process of shopping her special outfit ensures her mind is aroused for several days or weeks in advance which serves to extend mental foreplay of anticipation out to several days/weeks in advance of our beeing together. And the great part is this is a win-win for both me as her Dominant and for her as a submissive. She is doing her task with me as her Dominant in mind, she is starting the process of beeing sexy and confident for me as her Dominant.
On the night she is supposed to wear the things she has bought, we hit the shops together to buy a dress that even more build her confidence and that all she is wearing that night is for me as her Dominant.
These actions will indeed create a reaction.In the process of her dressing up, she will feel very beautiful, highly self-confident, desired and extremely aroused and she knows that she are getting sexy for me as her Dominant.
I do belive also that when she is getting dressed that night she will feel special and I know that while she is dressing she has the feeling that for the first time she is doin it for me as her Dominant.
The effect is great I can garantee it.
I do belive this example is one of many I as a Dominant can do to remind her how beautiful she is and remind her that a simple task can build confidence.

Building up a person’s self-confidence is not a quick fix but this is a good starting point to build from. It takes consistent love, support and encouragement over time for someone to accept themselves and to see their own value.Praise costs us nothing to give but it is priceless to the recipient – remind Your submissive how beautiful she is a woman and submissive and praise her often. Remember, it is a process over time; not an event.
By building up the sexual confidence of a submissive, she will feel powerful to freely express her sexual desire. So now might learned that Domination is not an act of abuse and degradation of women. It is an act of great caring and love of a woman. Only a Dominant man who truly loves, cherishes and appreciates a submissive could unleash them sexually and build a lot of confidence in her.
Grow Your submissives self confidence is on of many things Domination is all about.
This is one of the reasons I state:
When you get a taste of a real Dominant, the rest of the world never really tastes the same.

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