The reason why

As I has blogged about previosly TPE is the highest form of a BDSM relationship and its not possible to have TPE if there is not a 24/7 Ownership and a relationship as a  fundation . And as I see it, TPE is not a static form of relationship, quite the contrary, TPE is the Magic of the circle of BDSM.
I see a TPE based BDSM relationship as a common development and journey for me and my slave/sub.
And where there is common development, there usualy is common goals for the relationship.
Owning a slave/sub is as all Dominant knows the highest form for responsibility I can have, therefor it is important first and foremost before talking about TPE both parties need to understand and communicate why and also how the TPE should develop and be implemented to the BDSM relationship.
In the BDSM community, there are quite a few mentions of TPE. This is especially true when discussing fantasies. Despite the fact that there are many fantasy-based desires for a Total Power Exchange, very few people are actually comfortable engaging in it, in real life. The vanila thinking does apply and therefor a slave are often afraid to give that much of themselves to another person, even though the thought may temporarily excite them.

What I think is important are that TPE involves a lack of limits and completely entrenched slavery with potentially very much and communication for my slave and me. TPE can be a controversial practice, as well. BDSM often hinges on consent, and the gray area of consensual non-consent is a hot-button issue. Still, TPE is the desirable dynamic for me as a Domiant. As with any lifestyle choices, it is not without any bumps in the journey.

Just as in vanilla life, the road to mastering lifestyles in BDSM can be rather tough. There are factors that will distract, discourage, deflate, and possibly defeat. If beeing a Owner in a TPE relationship were easy, everyone would master something. In practice, we all know that is not the case. Even though it will be difficult, we still strive for the best possible outcome, because achieving the extraordinary is extremely fulfilling. So it is worth the effort to overcome these obstacles.  And there will be obstacles and also times where TPE is hard to keep in everyday life.

Distraction is a part of everyday life. But this temptation for distraction can be built into the framework of how a life is controlled and a platform for my slave/sub to consentrate around the most important part, ” I am totaly Owned and live in a TPE Relationship”.

For my slave/sub to implement this way of thinking she needs protocols, rules and the 4 P`s I have given to her ( Protector, Penelizer, Partner and Provider) All of this is written in the slavebook she keeps.This is the fundation for my slave/sub to turn to remind her of the TPE relationship and for me as her Dominant to follow thru and give her room to grow in the TPE relationship.
I as a Domiant can never give the 4 P`s and build a TPE relationship on my own, I need the slave/sub to have exactly the same goals for the relastionship as me and be sure that she works hard for a TPE relationship , the deeper the TPE is in my slave/sub the stonger is my Ownership and also as we both can build something deeper, more profound and stronger then any vanilla relationship or BDSM relationships that`s not founded on TPE.
I know from expirience that a TPE relationship is how the circle of BDSM is strongest and I as a Dominant shine the most.


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  1. What you describe here is the ultimate in lifestyle relationships. It goes deeper than any of the other ones we in BDSM form. It is the reason I have a current frustration as I seek what you describe so wonderfully here. Most Doms do not get this point at all as they see it as a way of control and/or way to get someone to obey rather than the exchange it could be. They miss the most amazing part – the connection. The deeply satisfying connection.

    Thank you for writing this. It needs to be said more, saturated by Doms more.

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